Free Pac-Man Games

Pacman-3-in-1Pac-Man 3 in 1

Pac-Man 3 in 1 is a maze action video game. It includes Pac-Man, MS Pac-Man and Cookie-Man

Google Pac-ManGoogle Pac-Man

With Google Pac-Man, one of the most popular Google Doodle games, experience the timeless fun of the classic 1980s Pacman arcade game.


Carefully block off the ghosts by eating the columns and rows of the grid. Once you eat 80% of the grid, you win!

Fun Pac-ManFun Pac-Man

In each level you have to move around the board and eat the white dots while avoiding the monsters. Eat cherries to earn bonus points!

Classic Arcade PacmanClassic Arcade Pacman

The point of this whole game is to eat all pills in the maze while you avoid the ghosts. Eat a power-pill to be abled to eat ghosts (when they turn blue).

Pac Adventure Draculas CastlePac Adventure Draculas Castle

A 3d pacman game with all of the gizmos you'd expect from a 3d pacman game.